Apple Shape

Apple Shape

Also known as round shape, which means you carry weight in your stomach and bust and you have thinner arms and legs.  Apple shapes usually have gorgeous legs, so don’t be shy, and show them off! Why is it that we always try to hide our tummy… it doesn’t have to be that way. Let it be! Instead focus on what you like about yourself and draw attention to that part of your body.

Tips for your body shape:

1.Tops: Empire line tops and tie-back tunics are a great look for you.  Drape vests, logo t-shirts and wrap tunics will all slim your stomach.  Avoid denim jackets or jackets with bulky pockets which will make you look larger. Wear tailored jackets with flare and simple fastening.

2.Bottoms: Black or very dark high-waisted, knee length pencil skirts are definitely a great option for you. Wide leg, floor length pants with heels will balance and elongate your legs giving the illusion of a long and slim silhouette.

3. Dresses: Wear knee length dresses that fall softly from the bust and have a flared hem show off your legs and balance your curves.  Dresses are the key item for your body type. Empire and halter necks or drape front dresses bring attention to your chest and not your tummy.

4. Jeans: You are lucky in that you can try lighter or coloured jeans with a darker shirt to balance your top and bottom halves.  To avoid muffin tops try a higher waisted jean and pair it with a long top to give the illusion that you have a longer torso. Straight legged, dark washes are the most flattering style for you. Boy cut jeans are great for balancing your figures and are very stylish right now. Jeans with long pockets or pockets placed lower than usual are recommended.  Darts in the back will add shape to your figure.

5. Shoes and Accessories: Accessories such as scarves, brooches or shorter necklaces keep the attention on your face.  Heels are a must to slim your body type. Chunkier styles will balance out your figure. Wedges will show off your slim ankles without making you look top heavy.