Bold Brows

Bold Brows

The bold brow is being carried over from last year’s beauty trend watch! If you haven’t already mastered the art of the brow then here are a few tips we recommend:

Use powders, not pencilsThe pencil  has been used in the past but we have learned that powders create a more natural, feathered look. We suggest you used a shade lighter than your natural hue for daytime and one that is a tone darker for a more dramatic look.

Brush powder on your hairs, not your skin. It seems to be a common mistake that women press too hard on their brushes and pencils which colours the skin rather than the hair. This tends to make the brows look fake. Use a lighter touch to ensure the pigment coats your hairs, not your skin, and always make sure you’re brushing in the direction of the hair’s growth.

Mix your colors.The best way to get a natural look is to blend your shades. Use a darker tone in a thinner line along the center of your brows, then blend a lighter shade out from the center of your brows to the ends.

What do you think of the ‘big brow’ look?