Boyish Shape

Boyish Shape

The rectangle  body type also known as boyish has small bust, hips and bottom.  Your shoulders hips and waist are basically the same width. You have the body that inspires most designer’s collections. To make you feel more feminine we need to create some feminine curves. Ruffles, frills, smartly cut skirts and dresses will all work wonders!

Tips for your body shape:

1.Tops: Striped tops are a great casual look for you.  For a more dressy look go for batwings or fluttery sleeves.  Also, strapless tops will suit you if you have toned arms. Wear jackets with wide lapels and pockets that flare out from the waist to create hips.  Tops can be bold in colour, texture and design.

2. Bottoms: Peg trousers will be great for your lower half. Voluminous skirts in general work, try tulip or full skirts. Tuxedo style trousers are also great for your body type.  

3. Dresses: Very tight body-con dresses work great for you and will make you look super sexy.  Create curves with details at the bust  or high waist wrap dresses.  Wear a dark coloured belt over dresses, skirts or even tops to give the illusion of a small waist.  Tulip dresses that pull in at your waist and puff over your hips are another great style. Drapey and asymmetric will broaden your shoulders and chest area so give them a try.

4. Jeans: Another lucky girl! All jean styles look fabulous on you.  Skinnies and jeggings  are here to stay and are the best way to streamline your thin legs.  Big pockets and utility jeans will add shape to your hips.   Wear your skinny jeans with long boots to show off your legs.  Some bleaching or fading on the thighs and seat can add contour and depth to your legs, giving the illusion of curves.

5. Shoes and Accessories: Round toe sandals and ankle boots work well for you.  Shoes and boots with heels will give you more of an S shape by arching your back and lifting your bum and bust.  Cross body bags and wide belts add curves to your bum. Create curves with accessories such as belts, scarves and jewelry. Piling up on jewelry and a great pair of sunglasses are great accessories to draw attention to your face.