Create Endless Looks Through Layering!

Tiips on how to layer properly

Each individual has certain things in life that brings them joy. Layering, especially layering with  Metalicus, is one that bring us an immense amount of joy.

The first key point is to stick to a lighter, fitted, basic underneath to prevent a bulky bag-lady look. Note: Matching colours at this point can seem a bit dated so we suggest adding a hint of colour (or a pattern) for your first layer.

Add another layer over top such as a cardigan or sweater. Experiment with different fabrics and textures to eliminate the risk of appearing heavy and dowdy. If you’re concerned about your waist area add a belt over the cardigan or over the first layer.

Then add a jacket or coat. A denim or basic colored (camel, black, navy etc.) jacket is usually a better option depending on what you have chosen for your under layers.

Adding a scarf is a must when achieving this layered look! It will be the “icing on the cake” and complete the look. The scarf can be bulky, thin, colorful or a solid, use your judgment. You will know as soon as you put it on whether it works or not.

If you need a second opinion send us a photo, we will gladly offer our advice.