Curvy Bum Shape

Curvy Shape

You are also known as the hourglass body type. You have a voluptuous
bum, voluptuous chest and small waist.

Tips for your body shape:

1.Tops: V-necks for tops is your best best.

2. Bottoms: Pencil and tulip shape skirts will make your bum look fabulous. As per trousers, your best bet is straight and wide legged styles.

3. Dresses: Any styles that emphasize your waist such as belted dresses that open in your hips will look great on you.

4. Jeans: Straight leg jeans in dark washes are best for you, keep your hem long covering your heels and hit the floor. The darker your jeans or t rousers the slimmer you will look. Big back pockets make your bum look smaller.

5. Shoes and Accessories: Always trying to balance your thighs, we recommend round toe shoes or platforms. Wide belts will emphasize your silhouette.