Dare to be Beach Bare?

Beach look

Moisturize your face. Use a lotion of SPF 15 or higher then lightly apply a thin layer of compact powder with a large powder brush. This will even out your skin and minimalize the appearance of any blemishes you may have. Lightly brush your cheek bones with a light rose hued to brighten your complexion and enhance your cheek bones.

Add to your eyes. It is no secret that long lashes make you look more awake and feminine. Lightly apply  a waterproof mascara in order to eliminate the chance of running. This will give you the look of luscious lashes in a natural way. Remember: no onlooker should be able to tell you are wearing any.

Neutral lip. Use a natural matte coloured lipstick that will give your lips a light pinkish hue or if you like your natural colour use a clear moisturizing gloss.

Beach Hair. Before you head out, quench your hair with a sea-salt spray conditioner which will add tousled volume and shine.

What are you beach-ready secrets?