Long Legged Shape

Long Legged

Lean Column type is like the rectangle but with a slight definition of waist and usually bigger chest. They are usually recognized by their very long legs. Most women would die to have your legs, remember that this is your best feature and don’t be afraid to show them at every opportunity. We recommend short skirts and dresses, leggings and shorts anytime of year. Just focus on showing off those legs.

Tips for your body shape:

1. Tops: You need to elongate your torso in order to balance your figure. Long length t-shirts and tunics are perfect for your body type. Try to define your waist by wearing belts with your shirts. Cropped jackets are also a good idea for you.

2. Bottoms: Go as short as you can summer or winter. Remember that leggings are still very much in style. You can wear short dresses, skirts, tunics and legging are all good options for you. Jumpsuits will also look gorgeous on you.

3. Dresses: Long dresses are hot now and no one looks better in a long dress than you. Get one now! A belted or bubble dress are also great for those of you who want to enhance your curves.

4. Jeans: You are the Queen of denim. Any style jean will look great on you. Flares, skinnies, bootcuts, straight legs or even boyfriend jeans… depending on the occasion, you can wear them all.

5. Shoes and Accessories: I heard that lots of taller women do not like to wear high heels but, they look great on you so, why not? Not everyone can pull off flats. You can. Bright coloured and patterned tights are so hot now and they will look great in you. Over the knee socks are also a popular trend right now. Wear them with a short skirt, dress, tunic or even shorts.