Pear Shape

Pear Shape

If you are pear shaped, the bottom half of your body is larger than the top half. You probably have wide hips, narrow shoulders and a small bust. Pear shaped women should wear clothes that minimize the lower half and draw attention upwards. Therefore, our mission is to highlight your torso and to broaden your shoulders in order to balance your hips.

                                                     Tips for your body shape:

1. TopsBroaden the appearance of your shoulders by wearing boat necklines, ballet necklines or wide lapels. Tops with capped sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves will also help to balance your figure. Bright colours and bold patterns or prints will also be great on you because, they draw attention to your upper body. Try tops with detailing such as, ruching, bows and puffed or asymmetric sleeves to broaden your shoulders. Fitted tops with short sleeves will show off your slim upper body. Jackets should stop at or above your hips. Double breasted or detailed collars will also help to balance out your upper torso and draw attention upwards.

2. Bottoms: Keep your bottom half darker than your top half in order to slim down your lower body. Dark trousers that flare below the knee work well for you. Wear flat-fronted, side fastening trousers and avoid pleats, pockets or seams on the hips. A-line skirts and wide leg trousers look lovely on you.

3. Dresses: Try to buy dresses with an a-line or flared hem and with a side zip to minimize bulk around your hips. Dresses that hug your upper body but flare over your bottom half are ideal for you. Adding a belt is definitely a good tip for you.

4. Jeans: A straight leg or slim bootcut jean will keep your legs looking lean.  Bootcuts are probably your best bet because the slight flare will balance your hips.  A dark, clean wash is your best style to help slim down your legs. Very faded and distressed styles of denim will widen your hips so try to avoid these styles. Try to find jeans with a contoured waistband to prevent gapping at the waist. Stretch denim also works well with your figure. Consider wearing your jeans long with high heels. We recommend keeping your jeans clean avoiding lots of details on the pockets

5. Shoes and Accessories:  Use accessories to draw attention upwards; we recommend scarves or statement necklaces and earrings for you. High heels in nude colours with nude tights or bare legs look good on you. If you have chunky legs, wear boots to cover your calves, or platforms to elongate your legs.