Petite Ladies Shape

Petite Ladies

They say that good things come in small packages. Our goal for you is to add volume where needed and elongate your body to give the illusion of height.

Tips for your body shape:

1. Tops: Empire line tops work wonders for you because, they will elongate your legs. Bat wing sleeved tops and bright coloured tops will add volume. Satin detailed tops will also look gorgeous on you.

2. Bottoms: Keeping your shoes and trousers the same shade gives the illusion of longer legs. High heels with your trousers a definite yes! Pencil skirts and fishnet stockings are another fabulous option for you.

3. Dresses: Opt for simple dresses in at least two bold shades. Definitely try a print. Ditsy print tea dresses are very feminine and work great for you.

4. Jeans: Fitted jeans in straight or bootcut styles suit you best. Also, try high-waisted flares, which will help give the illusion of longer legs.

5. Shoes and Accessories: A good pump is your best friend! As for accessories, small and simple work well for you.  Petite clutch bags in bright colours will make you stand out. You can also try extra long necklaces which will elongate your body.